What our lab does

1、Making sample for our customers for further orders.

2、Checking the products’quality in order to meet customer needs and develop appropriate recipe for leather.

3、Provide integrated training and education to train professional leather dyeing technician in safe environment.

4、Our technicians continue R&D and creative motivation to match fashion trend.

Wet end lab

a、Provide chemicals comparison.    b、Offer dyeing service with our products for tannery.
c、Drums. (Small, medium and iron drum)

Wet end lab equipments: DOSE dying drum 2pcs, wooden drums 7pcs

Dose experiment drum

Dyeing wooden drum

Wet end lab

The condition of wet end lab

Leather dyeing procedure

finishing lab equipments

a、Research and develop variety of leather finishing. b、the chemicals and leather characteristics study. c、Developing special effect articles and sampling d、Spray-embossed-staking-inspection
Finishing lab equipment: Italy made DASCOMAR ROLLTEST (ROLLER COATING), IRON, press machine, auto spay machine and buffing machine, etc.

color matching hand spay machine

press machine

milling room

buffing room

Heating plate

Hang dry

The inspection lab

a、According to each waterproof, water-repellence, fastness to perspiration, fastness to washing, fastness to soap, fastness to rubbing test results to inspect and improve the development effect.
b、Offering 3M Scotchgard waterproofing inspection approvement. 

Testing equipments:
Rapid heating fastness machine: To inspect fastness of washing, fastness of soap
Fastness to light: check UV fastness
Waterproofing inspection equipment: Maeser tester, dry-wet fastness tester, Spray tester.
Standard Matching Light 

Waterproof Maeser Testing

Fastness of Washing, Fastness of Soap Testing

Water-repellence Test

Water-repellence and Oil-repellence Test

Light Fastness Test

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