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Congratulations to AXEL Incorporated has won the 2021 Red dot design award: Brands & Communication Design – < Leather-Transform Trash Into Treasure >

Congratulations to AXEL Incorporated has won the 2021 Red dot design award: Brands & Communication Design – <Leather-Transform Trash Into Treasure> < Leather-Transform Trash Into Treasure > In recent years, leather usage has been criticized due to the increasing awareness of animal rights and environmental protection. For that reason, AXEL combines our newly developed leather […]

AXEL has officially become the corporate partner of ZDHC

AXEL and its agency brands Quimipiel, 3M, Fimikem and A.A.C.C. are all ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) planning partners, and continue to carry out a series of product certification. AXEL is actively researching and developing environmentally friendly and non-toxic sustainable new products, providing sustainable global environmental protection solutions and new products for sustainable development […]

Innovative Chrome-Free leather (WET WHITE) tanning solution

Recently, the major leather factories have been chased by the brand: “Do you have the wet white leather?” With the rise of global fashion awareness, the impact of leather on the environment is more important. Axel with Quimipiel launched the new series of the wet white leather (Aldehyde Tanning) tanning QUIMITAN X-9 and QUIMITAN DX. […]

AXEL new launch the 「 Environmental Dyeing and Chemical Products of Leather Series」

With the rise of global fashion awareness, how to reduce the impact on the environment and improve energy efficiency in the leather process is a goal that has been striving for breakthroughs. AXEL Co., Ltd. is leading the industry in launching the “Environmental Dyeing and Chemicals Product of Leather Series”, which is used in manufacturing […]

Axel is the official agent of Finikem which is the Italian company.

Finikem is a global leader in the tanning market and continues to advance and introduce new products in the market. Finikem with its own laboratory and professional technical team to provide the best solution for the global tanning market. Finikem has joined the Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program to provide customers with safe chemical […]

Are you still using PFCs water repellent on leather?

3M™ Scotchgard™ has launched ‘’PM-3869 and PM-4869 : 100% PFCs FREE and non-silicon type water repellent series’’ products! The outdoors brands have announced that they will use a water-repellent coating containing PFCs free compounds in 2020. After our continuous efforts, we have been able to apply it properly to all kinds of leather with the […]

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