selling leather chemicals

3M Scotchgard Waterproof Protector agent


AXEL has officially become the corporate partner of ZDHC

※ ZDHC(Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals)

environmentally friendly and non-toxic sustainable new products

providing sustainable global environmental protection solutions and new products for sustainable development for customers to use with peace of mind.
AXEL officially became a ZDHC project partner in 2020.

The brands we agent Quimpierel, 3M, Fimikem , A.A.C.C.,and SCRD which are represented by it




To fulfill tanneries and technical demands, AXEL dedicated to develop new techniques and personal training. Furthermore, AXEL keeps updated on the latest information and techniques about leather so that our customers can always have the newest and high quality products. AXEL has going globalized in recent years, we committed to give our customers the best service and the greatest value by keep progress and creative, and the most important, “TRUST” in our mind.


Honest and Innovation is our faith.
Best service we give, excellent value we create!

AXEL has officially become the corporate partner of ZDHC


Interested partners are welcome to contact us to obtain relevant information.

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