Range of sustainable products: Urethane with a semi-hard film to be used in a wide range of top and bottom finishes.

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Product Name TYPE DESCRIPTION Bio Based(%)
QUIMIFIN BTF 529 URETHANES Urethane with a semi-soft film for all types of finishes with a good covering power and physical properties 51
QUIMIFIN BTF 546 URETHANES Urethane with a semi-hard film to be used in a wide range of top and bottom finishes 62
QUIMIFIN BTF 569 URETHANES Urethane with a semi-soft, elastic film with excellent cold flexometry. Provides good performance basecoats bottom and topcoats. 54
QUIMIWAX BTF 456 WAX Mix of waxes and oils specially studied to make burnish articles. 56
QUIMIWAX BTF 080 WAX Basecoat wax with a pleasant touch and good anti tacking power. 80
QUIMIWAX BTF 183 WAX Water hard wax for all articles likeWAXY and CRAZY HORSE. Product with a high melting point that can be combined with aqueous oils. 83
QUIMIWAX BTF 70 WAX Non lonic wax with a vey good covering power and pleasant touch. 70
QUIMIWAX BTF 650 WAX Cationic wax with a good covering power and warm touch. 65
QUIMILUX BTF 172 CASEIN Soft casein with transparent bright and high elasticity films. It is advisable using in basecoat and topcoat. 72
QUIMILUX BTF 890 CASEIN Hard proteic binder provides high degree of brightness, a dry and pleasant feel. Suitable for final glosses and glaze finished. 90
QUIMIFILL BTF 65P FILLER Fine particle filling and leveling agent with good anti-tacking power. Amphoteric character. Recommended on polishable bottoms and pre-bottoms for full and corrected grain. 65
QUIMIFILL BTF 83 I FILLER Filling agent with a very natural looking, suitable for intensify and levelling the colour in nubucks and suede items, at the same time gives, and pleasant feel. 83
QUIMIFILL BTF 730 FILLER Non-ionic high coverage filler. Polishable that provides a matt appearance that manages to hide the defects of the leather. Indicated for full and corrected grain. 30
QUIMIFTOL BTF 90 OIL Oil with the ability to maintain/ increase the waterproof effect of the leathers. 90
QUIMIFTOL BTF 23A OIL It's an oil specially designed for the grain pre-treatment of vegetable items to increase the softness. It has the characteristics of non-migration to the flesh side and does not increase the marks or defects. 23
QUIMIFTOL BTF 75N OIL Non-ionic oil at 60% solids that lubricates the grain and is polishable, improves coverage and touch. Has a light pull up effect amintains the brightness of the basecoat. 75
QUIMIGRASS BTF 0195 OIL Aqueous emulsion of synthetic oils to apply to finishes with pull-up effect and grease touch. 95




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