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BP retanning agents:※Biopolymers ※Low/Free Formaldehyde ※Low COD
BP fatliquoring agents:※Natural or residual raw material ※Low COD

FOPELAN range has been specially developed for waterproofed and washable ariticle

Other range:Beamhouse, retanning agent, auxilary, fatliquors

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Product Name
QUIMITAN BP-2A Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent Acrylic biopolymer, phenol and formaldehyde free Retanning product based on modified biopolymers and acrylic resins.
QUIMITAN BP-PA Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent Amphoteric acrylic bioplymer, phenol and formaldehyde free Retanning product based on modified biopolymers and acrylic resins.
QUIMITAN BP-PA2 Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent Amphoteric acrylic bioplymer, phenol and formaldehyde free containing about 50% polymers from renewable raw materials
QUIMITAN BP-SM Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent Synthetic eco-friendly retanning agent for all kind of leathers Dihydroxydiphenylsulfone based with biopolymers
QUIMITAN BP-CM Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent Phenol condensate with biopolymers Eco-friendly retanning agent for soft and wet white articles
QUIMITAN BP-PM Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent Amphoteric acrylic bioplymer, phenol and formaldehyde free Eco-friendly retanning agent for chrome tanned articles
QUIMITAN BP-CF Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent Organic polymers derived from biomass Eco-friendly polymeric retanning agent with softening properties
QUIMITAN BP-NM Dispersing agent Naphthalen-sulphonic acid condensate with biopolymers Eco-friendly auxiliary for neutralization all types leather.
QUIMISOFT BP-WA Eco-friendly fatliquor  Anionic fatliquor based on natural sulphited oil Eco-friendly fatliquor for soft items and specially recommended for car upholstery
QUIMISOFT BP-FA Eco-friendly fatliquor  Anionic oil based on natural oils Eco-friendly fatliquor mainly recommended for car upholstery
Product Name
FOPLEAN BY Rewetting agent Deliming agent  Organic acids
FOPELAN 412GG Rechroming agent Alternative product to chrome salts during rechroming Amphoteric biopolymer formaldehyde and phenol free
FOPELAN EGT Rechroming agent Tanning/retanning agent for softy leathers Linear aldehyde in aqueos solution
FOPELAN B61 Retaning agent Auxiliary sinthetic agent for neutralization and anionization Naphthalen-sulphonic acid condensate salt
FOPELAN 2 Retaning agent Resin anionic tanning agent Melamine condensate
FOPELAN QS276 Retaning fatilquor Retanning and fatliquoring polymer Acrylic copolymer with special additives
FOPELAN TN Retaning agent Polymeric retanning agent Styrene-maleic resin
FOPELAN BST Retanning agent Acid retanning polymer acrylic polymer
FOPELAN B5 LIQ Neutralizing-anionizing agent Auxiliary sinthetic agent for neutralization and anionization Naphtalensulphonic acid condensate
FOPELAN ID Waterproof fatliquor Waterproofing and fatliquoring polymer High molecular weight polymer
FOPELAN IP waterproof fatliquor polymer Waterproofing and fatliquoring polymer Silicon emulsion with special additives
FOPELAN IG LIQ waterproof fatliquor Fatliquoring waterproofing agent synthetic oils combination containing silicones
Product Name
QUIMENZYMES 50F bating and enzymatic  degreasing auxiliary for use beamhouse microbiological lipase
QUIMENZYMES 70 AL bating and enzymatic  an enzymatic product for degreasing of skin Enzymatic composition base on lipase
QUIMENZYMES PT bating and enzymatic  a bating-softening agent for all kind of leathers Enzymatic based on a pancreatic trypsine
QUIMITENS DM antiseptic and wetting agents biodegradable soaking agent non ionic surface active composition
QUIMIWET MR antiseptic and wetting agents strong soaking agent with enzymatic activity biodegradable alkaline surface active composition
RIBERQUIM PL liming and deliming agent anti-wrinkle auxiliary product for deliming process active compound made of protein derivatives and surfactant
QUIMITENS ALD(LD) degreasing products soaking auxilary and strong degreasing agent polyglycol ether from a fatty alcohol
RIBERQUIM EHB pickling and basifying basifying and chrome-exhausting agent alkaline organo-metallic composition
QUIMITAN CRS chrome and aluminium syntans organo-metallic synthetic tanning agent chrome phenolic condensate
QUIMITAN DX synthetic replacement agents pretanning and retanning synthetic agent replacement synthetic agent base on di-hidroxy-di-phenyl-sulphone
QUIMITAN HB 100 synthetic replacement agents complete tanning agent for white anionic phenolic condensate
QUIMITAN NB PW synthetic retanning agent low astringency synthetic of combination tanning agent anionic phenolic condensate derivative
QUIMITAN AD neutralizing-anionizing agent auxiliary synthetic tanning for neutralization and anionization naphthalen-sulphonic acid condensate
QUIMITAN A200 polymers and resins filling retanning agent resin based anionic acrylic polymer in solution form
QUIMITAN AA polymers and resins chrome stable pretanning agent for chrome and wet white tannage copolymer in solution with free reactive groups
QUIMITAN AU polymers and resins retannint agent for softy leathers Partially-saponified anionic acrylic derivative
QUIMIDERM NP2 LIQ synthetic oils A synthetic fatliquor stable to tanning baths. Anionic special synthetic fatliquor of combined esters
QUIMISOFT TL synthetic oils anionic fatliquor based on natural oils and special emulsifiers low fogging fatliquor for soft articles as car upholstery leather
FIXADERM LJ fix agent anionic dyestuff fix agent Polyamine derivate
QUIMITAN X9 Pre-tanning and retanning synthetic agent Replacement synthetic agent of pur Di-hidroxy-diphenyl-sulphone Tanning agent specially appropriate for items free of chrome

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